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Every first Sunday of the month, Ronald Green hosts a discussion attended by people from many countries. We discuss a range of philosophical issues that may include history, science, art, psychology, sociology, and more. The mix of international attendees and ideas from various countries makes for lively (and sometimes controversial) discussions.
The meetings are for the curious open to new ideas and willing to share. And also for those who just want to listen.

So here we go again – a new month, a new meeting on December 4 and another light subject.

This time we will be discussing ENHANCEMENT, which seems to be a ubiquitous element in human behavior.

There is more to this than meets the eye. While enhancement is an outward attempt at improvement, lying behind it is a philosophical search for something more basic.

We will look at the fake and the real in beauty, the arts, science, religions, and even telescopes.

In short, what is it all about(?) matters.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Best wishes,



UK: 6.00 p.m.
US: 1.00 PM ET; 12.00 PM CT; 10.00 AM PT
To join the Zoom meeting on November 6, 2022, please click here:
10 minutes before the start of the meeting.
Ronald Green
“Time To Tell: a look at how we tick” (iff Books 2018)
“Nothing Matters: a book about nothing” (iff Books 2011)
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