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When Winter Wind Wears Desert Boots

Daniel never truly remembered when he decided to write it all down. Or why. Was this to be his legacy, or simply a confession? Whatever it was, this was the only voice people would remember.

For after his stroke, a manuscript is sent by his lawyer to his daughter to be read aloud by close friends and family, from beginning until end. His self¬-exposé takes them places they could never have possibly expected, as they unwillingly enter into his world of solitude and hear his desperate cry for intimacy. For Daniel’s needs and desires lead him into the most dangerous territory of all … the Pandora’s box unleashed by the unknown needs and desires of another human heart.

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As I Died Laughing

He couldn’t remember when he had stopped seeing himself in her eyes, their marriage becoming simply a collection of memories, where only the mundane held them together

It seemed so simple at first: creation. Characters whose lives he carved out in his novel.

And now this: a man created in his own image and likeness, stepping out of the virtual into the real, in order to seduce his wife.

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