ETNI (English Teachers Network)

David founded ETNI (English Teachers Network) in 1996, well before virtual social networks became a common phenomenon. As with other virtual communities that David has created in the past, the main goal of such communities is for the members of the community to offer mutual assistance.

ETNI has been very successful in doing so. Beginning as a small grassroots organization, consisting of a website and mailing list, ETNI has grown over the years. There are now close to 2,000 teachers / teacher trainers / Ministry personnel / and other EFL Professionals subscribed to the list. The list enables its members to share from their individual experience in the field.

The ETNI website allows teachers to share lesson plans and ideas, as well as other information. One of the popular areas is the ETNI Advertisement Board where job ads are posted, both by teachers looking for work and institutions looking for English teachers.

ETNI also now has a facebook group which is continually growing with over 2,300 members.

You are welcome to join the ETNI Facebook group or ETNI list, and also write for the ETNI Blog or send us materials for the ETNI website.


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