Nothing Matters


NOTHING MATTERS shows that there is more to nothing than meets the eye. History, the arts, philosophy, politics, religion, cosmology – all are touched by nothing.

In history, we ask
How was nothing and emptiness dealt with through the ages?
Is zero nothing?
In the Middle Ages why was Muslim Europe so much more advanced than Christian Europe?
Why did the Church hate nothing?

In art, we ask:
Why is nothing so important in modern art?
The question of questions: What is art? (and what has that to do with nothing?)

For religion, we ask:
Why is nothing so important for all religions and beliefs?
What is the difference between nothing in monotheistic religions and eastern beliefs?

For science, we ask:
How did something come from nothing?

For musing, we discuss:
The difference between nothing (the absence of everything) and nothingness (the absence of something)
the “nothing gene”
and we ask:
Is nothing something?
and lots, lots more…

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