The Authors

Ronald Green
Born in London, Ronald has an M.A. in Linguistics with post graduate studies in linguistics and philosophy at Oxford University. He has lectured in Europe, North and South America and the Middle East on linguistics, ESL and the use of the Internet in education. He lives in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

Ronald has written two books of non-fiction:
– Time To Tell: A Look At How We Tick
Nothing Matters




David Lloyd
David has over 27 years of teaching experience in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and working with computers in education.
Considered a trailblazer in the use of the Internet in education, he has trained students and teachers in different parts of the world on how to set up interactive project-based websites for educational purposes.

David has written two novels:
When Winter Wind Wears Desert Boots
– As I Died Laughing

and writes a blog:
– While I may still be Canadian