The Virtual Muser

Ronald Green

Philosophical musings are not a new phenomena. Man has been searching for meaning since he uttered his first syllable and wrote his first letter. Many of the questions have remained the same over time, but the surrounding environment has changed drastically over the years.

Many view the first big breakthrough to be the Gutenberg Press. This 15th-century revolutionary technology enabled the mass production of books and the rapid dissemination of knowledge throughout Europe. In fact, we may consider the Guttenberg Press to be the first tool which contributed greatly to the creation of social networks.

Ronald Green and David Lloyd, already known for their philosophical musings through their writings and speaking tours, were among the first to recognize the technological breakthrough offered by the Internet in this new digital age and they set out to discover where it might take us.

There are many parts to the digital environment that they have created and are continuing to create. And they wish to share the resulting worlds with others.

At the core is their Virtual Muser group on facebook. Created iin November 2008, this group has oover 1,000 members, discussing philosophical issues such as Life, Thought, Identity & Body in Cyberspace, Metaphysics & Virtual Reality, Technology & The Human Condition, Sex & the Search for Intimacy, Meaning and Genre, Reality and Fiction, and much, much more.

Another integral part of the virtuial environments which they have, and still are creating, are the books they have written. Ronald discusses philosophical issues such as Time and Nothing through his books of non-fiction; and David explores the effect of virtual worlds on the Human Condition through his works of fiction.

You are welcome to join Ronald and David in these philosophical musings, whether it be through their facebook group, discussion of their books, attending one of their lectures, or through other elements which will be offered as this site continues to develop.

David Lloyd
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